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Gary Smith

Based on the Isle of Wight

Being based on the isle of Wight I am limited in the amount of service work I can offer, 

Starting this web site and getting other fully qualified typewriter engineers together and helping others get their machines back in order. Is where I am at the moment. 

If you want to be added to the list, please contact me. There is no charge for adding or looking after the web site.

I'm a professionally trained typewriter engineer with manufacturer qualifications. Starting working in 1973 in a workshop attached to an Office Equipment company. Learned my trade repairing and servicing many different machines.

Went to Imperial Typewriters in Leicester where I received further training, in 1978 I moved to a different company and became the Service Manager. With four other engineers.

1982 I started my own company on the Isle of Wight specialising in servicing office equipment, this was the start of the electronic era and all of our skills repairing mechanical machines stropped being needed. Although we still repaired typewriter the call for this was becoming less.

But over the past few years I have become busier as the boom in owning and repairing machines has grown. Getting out my old tools and finding all the spare parts which we accumulated over many years has been fun.

Trained by Imperial, Adler, Olivetti, Hermes and Triumph Adler and Silver Reed.

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